SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — One of the world’s most unconventional surf competitions returns to San Clemente this weekend and anybody can participate.

“It’s for the kids, it’s for the people, we want people to show up, try different boards and just have fun,” said surfing Legend Jamie O’Brien, one of the founding members of Red Bull Foam Wreckers.

Widely advertised as the “anti-surf-contest surf contest,” Red Bull Foam Wreckers returns to T Street in San Clemente for a second straight year. 

“It’s a win-win for the whole community,” O’Brien said. “It’s the perfect event to bring the family down and understand what Catch Surf is all about and what surfing is really all about.”

What makes this competition different than all the others? Only soft-top boards known as “foamies” are allowed and anybody can participate and win.

“There’s points for everything, you don’t have to have any surfing knowledge or have surfed before to win this weekend,” O’Brien said. “We have been known to throw out tens for some pretty randomly fun reasons.”

The best part, boards are provided and surf enthusiasts with all backgrounds and skill levels welcome. The ultimate goal is to just get in the water and have fun. 

“I think it educates people that competition is not all serious,” O’Brien said. “It’s about having fun, being in the ocean and being with friends. That’s why we get into the sport, we don’t do it to win, we do it to have fun with our friends and get away from the reality from the real world.”

All the action begins Saturday, Aug. 13 at T Street in San Clemente. If you are interested, you can register here.