SAN DIEGO — A love for America’s Finest City and the San Diego Padres inspired one local hip hopper to hype the Friar Faithful as well as the home team by way of song.

After feeling the energy of Petco Park during a game this season, San Diego-based artist Mack Reese says he sat in his car and recorded what he was thinking. The result of that moment — a freestyle song for the MLB team so many root for in the region.

With lines like “we’re the baddest in the league, cant no other team compete” and “with Musgrove on the mound, fans be rising out they seat” — this hometown ballad may become this season’s anthem as fans and players look for momentum.

Reese — who was born and raised in San Diego — says he’s been composing music since he was 12 years old, with his sounds ranging from R&B qualities to hip hop and spoken word.

“My musical art I do consider a gift, and I’m prepared for whatever it takes me. Whether I go far or just local, my music has me in a space I always dreamed to be — doing something I love,” said Reese.

And that love includes the Padres. The local hip hop artist says inspiration for this song, “Everything SD,” came from a close friend who would constantly tell him that a hype Padres song would be great for local fans and the team as a whole.

“Music and the Padres have been around both for a very long time, so it is about time music from San Diego is made for those who play hard every game for San Diego,” said Reese. “San Diego Padres love to play for San Diego and this will show them San Diego loves them too.”

When asked who his favorite player was, Reese gave a shout-out to Padres shortstop and right fielder Fernando Tatis Jr. The local artist says just like he can be the “life of the party,” he feels Tatis Jr. is the “life of the field.”

Reese’s intent for this freestyle song is to bring a sense of pride to San Diego while also showing the city’s love for their hometown Padres.

Along with the song, Reese produced a music video with scenes outside of Petco Park and the surrounding area. That video can be found here.

“I have in mind of making additional Padres songs, and after this I hope it inspires a new chain reaction in the city as well as other fans world wide,” said the local hip hopper.