SAN DIEGO — On Opening Day, practically everyone is a Padres fan.

But not many people can say they’ve been a fan since day one.

Barbara Lutz is a Padres superfan who sees Petco Park as a home away from home.

“The Lord is my first love, my family is my second and my third is the Padres,” the 79-year-old told FOX 5.

The definition of a Friar fanatic, she has dedicated a whole room in her El Cajon home to the Padres.

“Fifty years of memorabilia.”

Lutz is one of the original season ticket holders and still remembers her first game: “June 21st, 1970.”

The Padres had just started, just like her marriage.

“We had tickets and so we went to Padres game on the first day of our honeymoon,” she said.

And just like a marriage, Lutz is loyal to the Friars, from the lows …

“Back in the years, it wasn’t real easy to be a Padres fan.”

To the highs … when the Padres went to the World Series in ’84 and ’98.

“It was an incredible feeling. Incredible.”

But her favorite Padres moment? October 15, 2022.

“Beating the Dodgers. That was monumental,” Lutz said. “I was at that game on that Saturday night when we beat them and you’re yelling as loud as you can yell and you can’t even hear yourself — that’s what it was like at that stadium.”

Lutz and her late husband Jon shared 50 wonderful years together before his death in 2021. She says she’s thankful for his support of her passion for more than half a century.

“My husband was just a very special person. And he knew if it was something I really loved then we have to do it because that was fine with him, that’s the kind of man he was.”

These days, Lutz still goes to Padres games, bringing her grandkids.

She says her favorite seat is right behind home plate — not just for the view, but for the memory of her first game, with her husband on their honeymoon.