SAN DIEGO — Fernando Tatis Jr. showed off his expressive personality to Chicago Cubs fans Tuesday night at Wrigley Field.

It happened during the fifth inning following his impressive sliding catch in the outfield, when the home crowd started chanting “He’s on steroids.”

Tatis, who returned last week after an 80-game performance-enhancing drug suspension on Aug. 12, took the heckling pretty well by breaking out in dance and pointing to the crowd.

Over the weekend, Tatis recorded his first home run in his third game back with the Padres since being suspended.

The star hitter blamed his positive test for Clostebol on a cream he said he had used for ringworm, which sent shockwaves through the team’s facility and fanbase.

Prior to his PED suspension, Tatis missed all of last season after breaking his left wrist in his native Dominican Republic.