SAN DIEGO — Small businesses all across the San Diego region are taking part in the postseason fun and have come up with some unique ways to create products. Of course, many of them include the goose.

“At Maya’s cookies we have our helmet cups featuring our Padres helmets, we are serving our soft serve in it, all week long, all month long, whatever it takes, we want to see the Pads take it all the way,” said Maya Madsen, CEO of Maya’s Cookies.

As soon as the goose landed on the field at Dodger Stadium during the Padres win, these product ideas took flight.

“We are watching it and the goose comes on, I have two boys and everything is funny to them, and then we win and we win, and we win, and then it was like you know what its, the goose, I’m going to make an ornament,” said Ginni Sobti, owner of Ginni’s World.

Sobti designs and creates laser engraved items and chose a goose ornament to commemorate the moment.

“In three days I sold 60, I did not expect it to take off,” Sobti said. “The goose is loose, at least in my house everything is goose.”

Roy Winkelman also designed a gaggle of Padres products featuring none other than the goose.

“I started thinking you know what would be funny to put a goose logo on a koozie,” Winkelman said. “I was done editing and im like that looks way better than I expected…and my girlfriend bugs me to put it on some T-shirts.”

He put his designs on Etsy, and sales soared.

“People started going nuts for them and I was very surprised,” he added.