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SAN DIEGO — Petco Park has been electric since the signing of superstar outfielder Juan Soto, who fans hope will give the San Diego Padres a boost in their push for the playoffs.

It already gave quite the boost to ticket sales, according to the ticketing company Logitix, which charted a significant increase in prices as fans clamored to see the slugger’s first game.

“When looking at sold tickets on the secondary market, Logitix data specialists found that tickets to see Soto’s debut sold for an average of $95.94 per ticket on the event day,” the company said in a news release.

“That’s an 87% increase in price compared to 4-7 days out of Wednesday’s game when seats were selling for $51.58 per ticket.”

The average price is based on tickets sold on the secondary market across multiple exchanges, like StubHub or Ticketmaster. It does not factor in the original base price.

The company provided the following breakdown on prices over time for Soto’s Aug. 3 debut:

2-3 months out – $51.12

1-2 months out – $52.61

15-30 days out – $45.13

8-14 days outs – $50.43

4-7 days out – $51.18

1-3 days out – $73.25

Day of game – $95.94

Typically, Logitix says, tickets move in the opposite direction, getting cheaper as it gets closer to gameday.

Tickets in the months prior to Soto’s debut trended, on average, from $97.45 two to three months ahead of time to about $67 on gameday.

The Soto signing may also push the Padres to cap their season ticket sales for the first time in club history, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Team CEO Erik Greupner told the newspaper that an exact cap number has not been finalized, but that limiting the number of season tickets sold can help ensure single-game tickets remain available. It would also help maximize revenue, as buying packages of games 20-at-a-time comes with a discount.

San Diego baseball fans will have to wait a little longer to see Soto at home, if they weren’t lucky enough to scoop up tickets for Wednesday or Thursday. The Friars closed a homestand against the Colorado Rockies.

They head north Friday for an all-important series against the division-leading Los Angeles Dodgers.