SAN DIEGO –The San Diego Padres are bound for the National League Championship Series for the first time since 1998 after beating the Los Angeles Dodgers three games to one after a rally in the seventh inning Saturday night at Petco Park.

A win for the home team had the stadium singing, even in bouts of rain, but a sweeter storm took place after the game as the Padres danced beneath a champagne shower to celebrate their historic victory.

With thoughts of a possible World Series tipping their bats, some members of the team shared their initial reactions with FOX 5.

“This is my team man, I know my team, I know my group,” said Padres Third Baseman Manny Machado when asked how he knew his team was capable of this run. “I know we’re about gamers, we’re going to go out there and compete every single night, no matter what.”

Manny Machado, Third Baseman for the Padres, praises his team following Saturdays win. (KSWB Photo)

“I mean we never give up,” said Juan Soto, Padres Outfielder. “We are always right there doing the stuff, you know, coming back every time and being ready for every moment.”

When Joe Musgrove was asked what it means for him to be going to the NLCS with the Padres, something that hasn’t taken place in a quarter century, the Pitcher explained to FOX 5 that he’s been waiting for this opportunity to get back in this position for a long time.

“It’s even more special that it’s coming from San Diego, you know, a city that’s deserved it and been yearning for this for so long,” Musgrove explained. “You know, to share that moment with everybody out on the field, to see the tears and excitement, is really special.”

Joe Musgrove, Pitcher for the Padres, describes what the NLDS bound means for him. (KSWB Photo)

Padres Catcher Austin Nola’s celebration hits a little closer to the heart as he is now set to face off against his very own brother, Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Aaron Nola, in the NLCS matchup.

When asked how special this competition is going to be with his brother on the other side, Austin said he hasn’t quite processed it that far.

“I’m sure he hasn’t processed it either,” said the Padres Catcher, in regards to his brother turned contender. “My family is definitely the one trying to process it and figure out which emotions it’s going to be because this is big.”

Padres Catcher Austin Nola gives some extra insight into the upcoming competition against the Philadelphia Phillies. (KSWB Photo)

The NLCS best-of-seven series starts on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at Petco Park in San Diego with a first pitch time scheduled for 5:03 p.m. local time.