SAN DIEGO – As Padres fans are still basking in the glory of Sunday’s win, defeating the Mets in their Wild Card series, fans are eagerly awaiting Friday’s game at Petco Park to watch the Friars take on the Dodgers for their first postseason home game since 2006. 

Divinia Nunez and her husband are lifelong Padres fans. As for Divinia, seeing the Padres at home base for the postseason was a shared dream with her late grandfather, the man behind her faithful Friar fandom.

“He would have been excited, grandma I know is excited,” Nunez said in tears. 

Other lifelong Padres fans scoured Petco Park’s merchandise store as they loaded up with merchandise, all in hopes for another win fit for glory as the Padres go head-to-head with the Dodgers.

“We’re gonna get a jersey or a jacket. It doesn’t matter. We have just got to gear up,” said Gabriel Cabrillo, a San Diego resident and fan since 1978. 

Just outside of stadium walls, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System is buckling up in preparations for a sea of fans taking advantage of buses and trolleys Friday for Game 3.

“Typically, for those large capacity games, we will take six to seven to eight thousand people that are attending the games and will take transit. That’s a really great percentage right out of the gate. We’re excited to do that for Friday’s game and hopefully do that for Saturday’s game,” said Mark Olson, director of marketing and communications with MTS.

The transit service runs every 7.5 minutes to 15 minutes. Olson says when larger crowds are expected, MTS will add extra trains when operating on their 15-minute schedule. 

Olson also tells FOX 5 MTS is prepared to ramp up security as Padres’ supporters from near and far stream downtown to Friartown.

“We have 200 officers patrolling our city at any given time,” Olson said. “We also have 10,000 cameras throughout our system.”