SAN DIEGO — Friar fans were faithful to the last pitch. Thousands of fans packed into Petco Park during Sunday’s watch party as the Padres were in Philadelphia to take on the Phillies.

Padres fans cheered on their team from 2,373 miles away through the rollercoaster of Game 5.

During the rain seen on the jumbotron in Philly, Padres fans were soaking in the sunshine in true San Diego fashion.

“I’m very disappointed, but who would have expected the Padres to get this far this time, you know,” Cesar Cordero, a Padres fan, said just moments after Sunday’s game ended.

“Disappointed, but you know what, for us to go as far as we did this year, I’ll take it,” Padres fan Jose Sanchez said Sunday.

While there won’t be another sea of brown and gold or a flock of geese to cheer on a 2022 postseason game at Petco, every fan is thankful. The San Diego Padres electrified the city and gave every fan a postseason to remember.

“It’s friar faithful forever, forever,” Cordero said. “It’s disappointing, but we made it this far with a lot of players not here.”

Now fans eyes are locked into next season.

“Next year we know we can go farther, we have the team, we have the players and we can rebound from this,” one fan said.

The Padres home opener for the 2023 season is set for March 30, 2023, just 158 days away from the team’s last game during this postseason run.