SAN DIEGO — San Diego Padres fans who gathered at bars and restaurants across the city Friday night to watch the team’s playoff opener against the New York Mets had much to celebrate.

AleSmith Brewing Company was one location where fans congregated to watch the Padres beat the Mets 7-1.

FOX 5 reporter Jaime Chambers captured some of the sights and sounds from the evening.

“I’m feeling so good. It’s been such a while since San Diego had a win and this is a big win for San Diego,” one fan told FOX 5.

“We’ve been waiting so long for this,” another fan said. “This is the time. It’s the perfect time for it.”

The Padres will face the Mets for Game 2 Saturday at 4:37 p.m.

“We need the fans who are out here today to come out tomorrow,” one faithful Friars fan said. “Always support the Padres. Keep that hope alive. We have to fight for each other.”