SAN DIEGO — Superstitions and rituals abound as Padres fans pull out all the stops to sway the odds of winning in their favor.  

It started Thursday night when a goose flew onto the field, causing a delay during the Padres comeback from behind in a series game with the Dodgers in Los Angeles — and it’s only taken flight from there.

“When we started rallying none of us moved,” said a Padres fan. ” I had beer, I hadn’t even opened yet. I let it stay closed. I’m not opening it. I’m not jinxing anything. Stayed with the same stuff the whole time and we won.”

The goose even inspired one of the many billboards that have sprung up around the county. Then the superstitions took a turn — forcing one billboard to be removed even before its official unveiling. The reason — fans thought this depiction, which I don’t even want to say so I’m not a jinx — it was a bad omen. It’s now gone, painted over Tuesday morning before Game 1 against the Phillies.

“It is gives you goosebumps! And to beat the Dodgers, that was our world series, but now we are going take over this world series,” said a Padres fan.

“The Padres are showing their true colors, the city is just so elated,” said another Padres fan. “This is just what we need right now!”

This couple has been to about 30 games. They moved from their seats Friday night to Gallagher Square and they won. Then Saturday night, fearing a loss at the bottom of the sixth, they did it again.  

“We even kind of went under the awning for a minute and she goes ‘no,’ I don’t care if it’s raining we’ve got to go back out there with those people who were high-fiving us,” said the Padres fan. “wWe didn’t even know them, they were just our new family in the Padres stadium. It was awesome! 

As the Gaslamp goes electric ahead of the game, this group of friends disclosed their longstanding superstition:

“George is not wearing underwear! Whenever he doesn’t wear underwear the Padres win.”