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SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Padres are bringing back their vibrant City Connect jerseys for another season

“When I first saw it, I’m gonna be honest, I was expecting it to be our traditional colors, the brown and yellow or our blue,” said Padres in-game DJ and fan Beto Perez. “And when I see, it kind of gives me Miami vibes. I went home and marinated, and it became an instant classic for me. I love it, it’s a beautiful jersey.”

The spirit of the jersey is in the name, connect.

“We really saw an opportunity to do something fun and innovative that was authentic to the colors you see in Baja California and the side here in the United States and also the surf-skate culture in San Diego,” said Padres CEO Erik Greupner.

Padres players will wear the City Connect jerseys on Friday games.

The bright threads are personal for many of the team’s players of Hispanic and Caribbean heritage.

“These bold, bright colors were a part of the colors that they either grew up wearing in uniforms or had around them culturally,” Gruepner said. “If Manny says it’cool and Tatis say it’s cool, then it’s cool.”

The jerseys rose to popularity quickly. Last season fans bought up to $240,000 worth of City Connect jerseys on its first day in the team store.

“The mint green hat with the Pink SD became the back-to-school uniform, for a lot of kids,” Greupner said.

Perez was born in Tijuana and grew up in San Ysidro. He said the jerseys are a mirror of who many fans are.

“It represents the coast and our binational ties with Tijuana and Mexico,” Perez added.

“We’ve got really cool fans in San Diego. We took a chance and we took a risk. And we really pushed out there with something that is bold from a style perspective and they met us there,” Greupner said.