SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Padres are headed to the playoffs and fans are thrilled about it.

“Everybody was screaming, and I’m like OMG, we made it,” Padres fan Khloe Lopez said.

The Padres clinched their first playoff in a full season since 2006.

“And my dad said clinch, and I was like, wait really, and then I started screaming like we clinched the playoffs. It was awesome,” Padres fan Jax Lopez said.

Making it to the playoffs was a 75th birthday wish for longtime Padres’ fan Rose Lopez.

“Oh I predicted that, so I’m happy, really happy,” Rose Lopez said.

Some fans said they never lost hope.

“We have faith as Padre fans and I think this team can do something,” Padres fan Albert Flores said.

The Padres lost their three-game series against the Chicago White Sox on Sunday. The Padres were still able to secure a playoff spot when the Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Miami Marlins in 12 innings.

“Suddenly I look over and I see everyone standing up and cheering, the stadium was like about to blow its top off, everyone was just going crazy,” Jax and Khloe said.

“The rest of the game was like this big giant vibe of everyone just hyped and excited,” Padres fan Ellie Boele said.

Some fans said they want to see the Padres go all the way.

“We don’t have a championship. Chargers left us, we don’t have a basketball team, we just have the Padres. We have to come together as a community and get behind the Padres,” Flores said.