SAN DIEGO – For all the plays on the field in Tuesday night’s Padres game in Cincinnati, arguably the best web gem of all came in the stands.

A foul ball off the bat of San Diego catcher Luis Campusano in the top of the fifth inning sailed over the visiting dugout, bouncing off the ground and into the hands of Jacob Kingsley who was bottle-feeding his infant child, Shepherd. It was a stellar right-handed grab that happened all while the baby was strapped to Kingsley’s chest in his seat.

You can watch the play for yourself here.

Kingsley’s snag drew applause from surrounding fans and praise from the Reds TV announcers.

“Nice job!” broadcaster John Sedak said. “Holds the bottle, no spillage, baby in perfect bliss and a souvenir.”

Jacob and his wife Jordan Kingsley, who was seated next to him, were caught on camera sharing a smile after the catch as Campusano grounded out to the shortstop on the next pitch.

When the camera showed the trio, Sedak remarked that the catch was “the play of the night right now.”

Later, broadcaster Jim Day caught up with the trio, asking Jacob what was going through his mind when he made the catch.

“Safety first, obviously,” he said. “I saw the ball pop up and just wanted to keep him happy so I did my best to protect him at the same time. I reached a hand up and I had some fierce competition, but it ended up happening great, but it was baby first.”

Jordan Kingsley told Day that they were watching for errant baseballs all night, which also happened to be Shepherd’s first-ever Reds game.

“The baby’s happy, I’m happy and I’m just impressed,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Who is this man?’”

The Padres ultimately won the game by a score of 9-6. Both teams return to the field Wednesday with the first pitch slated for 3:40 p.m.