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SAN DIEGO — Juan Soto was not the only star to make his San Diego debut at Petco Park last week — two adorable babies also made their splash.

Leon Asbaty and Ina Pruitt, both eight months old and just six days apart, were at their first Padres game Wednesday when they were featured on the jumbotron. That’s when they appear to share a smooch, and Ina starts crying — much to the delight of the sold-out crowd.

Both sets of parents joined the FOX 5 Morning News Tuesday to talk about their reaction to the video that was shared over a million times and garnered hundreds of thousands of likes.

“The cameraman was near where the babies were, he was very close,” Ina’s mother, Lisa, told FOX 5. “So Sammy, who’s in the video holding Lena, said, ‘we have babies,’ and the cameraman came over and filmed them.”

Lisa said she posted video to her dog Milo’s TikTok account, and it took off.

“We were not expecting that, not at all,” Lisa said. “I actually created the account to make funny videos of him to send to my husband and his mom. So when this video came up I posted it, didn’t think anything of it.”

Lisa said astute observers pointed out that Leon had grabbed Ina’s hair, which may have prompted the meltdown.

Ina’s favorite player, according to her mother, was even on deck: Ha-Seong Kim can be seen in the foreground of the video.

“Absolutely electric,” Leon’s father Dan said of the energy at the ballpark. “Soto’s first game, obviously a big deal. The grand slam in the first inning definitely helped. I was pretty pumped going to the game. You don’t plan it out that way — we bought the tickets in advance — it just worked out it was Soto’s first game. We had front row seats so it was great.”