SAN DIEGO — A new $20 million renovation plan is warming-up in the Padres’ bullpen to transform Gallagher Square at Petco Park to celebrate the stadium’s 20th anniversary.

The new remodel, announced in a press release Sunday, will revitalize the section of the park by bringing enhanced amenities that build on what the Padres described as the team’s commitment to delivering “More than a Ballpark” to San Diegans.

“This is worth the investment because it’s all about San Diego,” one Padres fan, Humberto Estrada, said of the new plans. “I’m born and raised here I would love for my city to just grow.

Highlighted amenities coming to Gallagher Square include:

  • A new playground and play area with equipment for a wider range of age groups and abilities.
  • Fenced, off-leash dog park.
  • An Improved “Play Ball” Field.
  • Temporary Pickleball courts.
  • Public art displays showcasing the talents of local artists.
  • Enhanced noise mitigation measures during events.
  • A new Tony Gwynn Terrace fan viewing deck, which can be used as a community picnic space during public hours.
  • Upgraded Entry Gate at 9th and J Street for improved security and accessibility during events.

“It’s definitely going to improve a lot of people coming,” another Padres fan, Arvin Mendoza, said.

  • A rendering of the planned remodel to Gallagher Square at Petco Park. (Courtesy of the San Diego Padres)
  • A rendering of the new Gallagher Square remodel featuring the new dog park coming to Petco Park. (Courtesy of San Diego Padres)
  • A rendering of the new Gallagher Square remodel featuring the new playground coming to Petco Park. (Courtesy of San Diego Padres)
  • A rendering of the new Gallagher Square remodel featuring the Tony Gwynn viewing deck. (Courtesy of San Diego Padres)

“It looks amazing, it looks like they are going to go bigger,” Estrada continued to FOX 5. “I see they are adding a playground for kids, so we’ll get some young Padres fans real quick … they won’t have to start as late as me.”

The new Tony Gwynn Terrace Fan Viewing Deck, according to the team, will elevate his statue about six feet, enhancing his visibility from the park and bringing him closer to the level of former teammate and fellow Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman.

Plans regarding what is going to happen to the bricks currently placed below Gwynn’s statue have not been announced.

“I’m hoping they take the bricks they have around that statue and they put it into the new build,” a downtown resident and Padres fan, Jim Mackey, said.

Other Downtown residents, however, are particularly focused on what the team described as enhanced measures to reduce noise levels during events at Gallagher Square.

“The concerts are really loud for dogs in these condos, because the sound just bounces off the buildings,” Mackey said. He’s hoping the new features planned will alleviate the sound that has been a concern for some nearby neighbors.

The project will also feature leveled, terrace lawn seating. Fans are hoping it continues to be a more affordable game-day option.

“My first game I went to, I bought the lawn tickets just to go in,” Estrada said. “It was a really good experience.”

The Padres said the lawn upgrades will trade out the existing grass for turf to ensure a more sustainable outdoor space, as well as put in native plants throughout. It will also allow portions of the park to remain open more frequently for the community.

The full renovation to Gallagher square is anticipated to be completed by the 2024 season, which marks the ballpark’s 20th anniversary.

“We are excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Petco Park next season by delivering a new and improved Gallagher Square to our fans and community,” Padres’ CEO Erik Greupner said in a release. 

“This space has been a defining feature of America’s #1 Ballpark and based on fan and community feedback our renovation will make it an even more vibrant and impactful part of the ballpark experience and asset to our Downtown community,” Greupner continued.

More on the planned remodel, including renderings, can be found here.

“We are incredibly thankful to the San Diego Padres for their ongoing investment in San Diego, and their dedication to both their fans and the community at large,” City of San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria said in the release. 

“The Gallagher Square Renovation will further activate and invigorate the East Village,” he continued, “and I will be working closely with the Padres to help ensure these exciting new amenities are ready for the community to enjoy in time for the 20th Anniversary of Petco Park.”