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SAN DIEGO — The Padres home opener will be the first live, in-person game for fans in 553 days and expectations couldn’t be higher.

“Excitement, fun, seeing Tatis Jr. and how he brings out the energy in this team,” one fan said Tuesday of what he’s looking forward to most.

The April 1 home opener against Arizona will be seen by 8,400 fans because of COVID-19 restrictions. Ticket prices have ranged from $200 to $2,000, with season ticket holders getting priority.

There will be temperature checks and food orders made online to keep the event touchless. Fans said they are willing to jump through any hoop to get back to the ballpark.

“For any time in the world that we need good news, and something to keep our hopes up, we’ve got the Padres! Keep the faith,” said Kimberly King, an owner at the Legend building overlooking the ballpark.

As the season goes on, San Diego could see more fans at Petco Park and other outdoor venues. In the orange tier, capacity will bump up to 33%. In the yellow tier, capacity will increase to 67%.

The game starts at 1:10 p.m. Thursday.