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SAN DIEGO — The Padres take on the Los Angeles Dodgers Friday and Saturday at Petco Park, and local vendors inside are preparing.

“I’m expecting a call mid-game that we need to bring more cookies up, so it’s over 3,000 cookies,” said Collin Smith, owner of Cravory Cookies.

Inside Petco Park, fans can enjoy over 17 food local vendors and seven local beverage vendors.

Some of the food vendors include: Board in Brew, Pizza Port, Gaglione Brothers and Hodad’s and Cravory Cookies, to name a few.

Smith says he is expecting to sell double than a regular season game and is excited to share his cookies with fans.

“I’m excited for the experience, this is one of a kind for the fans, and what makes you feel at home other than a cookie,” Smith said.

Fans will be able to order food right to their seat with the MLB app, which Smith says Cravory Cookies will be offering half-a-dozen of their best sellers.

“If you’re in your seat during the game and you don’t want to leave because the Padres are winning of course, you can order a half-dozen gift box right to your doorstep,” Smith said.

Cravory Cookies has two other locations: one in Point Loma, the other in College Area.