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SAN DIEGO — Fans of all ages came to see a new mural of Fernando Tatis Jr. in Ocean Beach this week, part of a series of pieces the Padres commissioned, all painted by Ground Floor Mural artists Paul Jimenez and Signe Ditona.

“It’s crazy how they did it so fast,” 11-year-old Padres fan Alana Olivas said. “My mom showed me a picture of them starting it the other day and now they’re almost finished, so that’s really cool.”

If the artists look familiar, it’s because they’re the same couple that made the Tony Gwynn and Joe Musgrove murals earlier this year. You can find their latest outside Appletree Supermarket in O.B. It pays homage to the 22-year-old’s bat flip in the 2020 National League Division Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

“It’s like a thousand times better in person,” Olivas said. “It looks really cool on the phone or on the computer but in person, it’s so much better. It’s just a different experience.”

Even residents who aren’t baseball fans are appreciating the art throughout the city.

“I think it looks nice,” Ocean Beach native Matt Taylor said. “It could be just a brown, plain building but they’ve got the American flag and they’ve got this new baseball player. I don’t even know who he is but supposedly, he’s some good player from the Dominican Republic.”