SAN DIEGO — The 2023 Major League Baseball season is in full swing here in San Diego and a popular beer brand is celebrating with the release of a limited-edition Padres can.

Budweiser, a long-standing sponsor of MLB, has designed unique beer cans for 14 teams across the league, including a tin for the Friar Faithful.

The cans feature each team’s logo, colors and a city skyline which can be seen in the backdrop.

Here’s a list of the team’s Budweiser will be producing special cans for this season.

— Baltimore Orioles

— Chicago Cubs

— Cincinnati Reds

— Houston Astros

— Los Angeles Dodgers

— Miami Marlins

— Minnesota Twins

— New York Yankees

— Philadelphia Phillies

— San Diego Padres

— St. Louis Cardinals

·– Tampa Bay Rays

— Texas Rangers

— Washington Nationals

Budweiser’s limited-edition MLB cans for the 2023 season are seen. (Photo: Budweiser)

These limited-edition MLB cans can be found in each participating city, wherever Budweiser is sold, a company representative told FOX 5. They have already hit the shelves in some areas, the beer brand confirmed.

When it comes time for the next batter up — a game day beer, chilled with Padres pride, is coming to a store near you.