BONITA, Calif. — It’s been a busy offseason for Padres pitcher and Cathedral Catholic High School alum Daniel Camarena who’s coming off a year where he not only made his MLB debut, but also knocked in a historic grand slam home run against Max Scherzer. 

“When I made contact, that’s when the shock kind of settled in,” Camarena said. “I’m looking up trying to find the ball and just no way this is happening.”

A grand slam forever cemented the Bonita native in Padres history, as the left-handed hurler became the first pitcher to hit a grand slam for his first career hit since 1898. 

“Sometimes I think it’s slowly sinking in, sometimes I don’t feel worthy of it, just because it seems so like, Disney-movie-esk, it just doesn’t seem real,” Camarena said. “The last thing I was trying to do in that at-bat was hit a home run. I was just pissed off I gave up a home run the inning before.” 

On top of that, the Cathedral Catholic High School alum became the first reliever to hit a grand slam since 1985, helping the Padres rally back from a six-run deficit to a 9-8 win.

“To be a part of Padre history too, it’s just special,” Camarena said. “Special for my family, coaches and the city of San Diego. I love that I get to share that with them. For me, I just hope it inspires some kids out here to know that anything is possible.”  

Camarena was a free agent when the season came to an end, spending his offseason at Fitness Quest 10 in Scripps Ranch, staying sharp and waiting for his next opportunity.

“I came here as a kid, Ladanian Tomlinson and Drew Brees were training here,” he said. “I get to work with Todd now three times a week and not only all the stuff we do here weight training-wise, but just the mentality installs in all of us. He really pushes us to get our mind right.”      

And as far as that opportunity, the 29-year-old told FOX 5 that he’s coming back, inking a minor league deal with the Padres top Triple-A affiliate in El Paso.

“I can tell you know, I’m coming back next year, ” Camarena said. “I re-signed a deal as a minor league free agent, so my journey here will continue and I’m going to do my very best to try and get back to the big league club.”