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SAN DIEGO — After Saturday night’s shooting scare outside of the Washington Nationals ballpark, San Diego Padres fans say they’d like to see an increase in security at Petco Park.

The Padres are set to come back home and play at home on July 27 against the Oakland Athletics.

Many fans were shocked to hear of a shooting outside of the game over the weekend, saying it was scary seeing fans running for their lives.

“I was shocked,” Padres fan Jerry Robbins said. “I thought I would never see violence like that at a game, but I think it was really located outside of the game where violence is everywhere now.”

Some players were even seen letting fans into the dugout to get to safety.

“Just makes you feel you can’t be safe anywhere now,” Padres fan Mark Rose said. “It’s one of those things where you wonder whether you can even go to your own home stadium and if something similar is going to happen.”

The Padres released a statement Sunday about the security concerns.

“Fan safety is our number one priority at Petco Park. The Padres work diligently with the San Diego Police Department to implement security measures for all games and events to keep our venue safe. We will continue to communicate regularly with local and national law enforcement, as well as Major League Baseball, on security protocols and best practices.”

Padres fan Brian Ganaway says he knows the security is “always still going to be there.”

“I hope they still do beef up security, but just make sure that feel safe,” he said.

Rose also said that “there’s periphery out there” that he thinks needs to be maintained.

“They should probably have some sort of buffer zone around there where they have extra security that are roaming the grounds because feet on the street, I think, is a good deterrent,” he said.

Fans hope the chaos that erupted at the Nationals game doesn’t ever happen in San Diego.