DEL MAR, Calif. — The fall season at the Del Mar Racetrack is here with Bing Crosby Season: 13 days of horse racing for the most loyal fans.

“We came 10 years ago for our honeymoon and now we are here for our anniversary,” said Angelica Snyder, a fan from New Jersey.

Angelica and James Snyder hail from New Jersey. They said they will spend every day this weekend at their favorite racetrack: Del Mar.

“We’re basically all over the place … we got seats in the front so we just take it as it comes,” said James Snyder.

“This is our date day. So for us, for me it’s just a time to get away, and my wife and I have some fun, enjoy a couple cocktails together,” said Earl Werner, a fan from San Diego.

Earl and Kelly Werner live in San Diego, and said they come to the racetrack two to three times a season. Whether they are winning bets or losing them, Kelly makes sure to capture the moments.

Before fans get to cheering and betting, they get to hear the bugler at the start of each race.

For the past 38 seasons since 1985, Les Kepics has been blowing his trumpet in front of thousands of people. Kepics is the Del Mar Racetrack bugler.

“The thing about being a racetrack trumpeter, there’s no place to hide,” Kepics said jokingly. “It’s you, a microphone and the grandstand. So if you biff a note, somebody sure enough throughout the day is going to say, ‘I heard you missed that note.'”

Kepics said it’s like family at the Del Mar Racetrack.

“I have fun doing it. Where else does a trumpet player get to stand in front of an audience and be on a big screen and do what they want to play?” Kepics said.

The fall season runs until Dec. 4. The track will be open from Friday to Sunday, plus Thanksgiving Day through Saturday. Tickets can be purchased online and in-person at the track.