Novak Djokovic celebrates Wimbledon victory with a mouthful of grass


Novak Djokovic largely went unnoticed most of this Wimbledon with everything else happening.

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LONDON — After a grueling Wimbledon final, Novak Djokovic savored his win over Roger Federer with a celebratory snack: some grass from the court.

Per his unorthodox tradition, the Serbian player bent down, plucked a few blades of grass from Centre Court and proceeded to munch.

He was probably hungry after the long match, which was just 3 minutes short of 5 hours.

Djokovic’s unusual victory snack stems all the way back to when he won his first Wimbledon title in 2011.

The No. 1-ranked player said he always dreamed of winning Wimbledon. When he finally accomplished that goal, he wanted to commemorate it by doing something a little out there.

“It’s a little tradition obviously. As a kid I was dreaming of winning Wimbledon, so, like every child, you dream of doing something crazy when you actually achieve it — if you achieve it — and that was one of the things,” he told the BBC in 2018.

Djokovic’s win over Federer proved historic this year as it was the first Wimbledon final to feature a tiebreak in the deciding set, after the players were knotted at 12-12. The overall score was 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6 and 13-12.

It was Djokovic’s fifth Wimbledon title and 16th Grand Slam win — four behind Federer, who has won 20 Slams.

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