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DEL MAR, Calif. — Super Bowl champion Drew Brees is kicking off a new partnership in Del Mar with Surf Sports, a premiere youth soccer organization. Together, they have big goals. “We want to set the standard for whatever sports we get in to,” Brees said. “So Surf has always been a standard-setter in regards to soccer. With Football ‘N’ America, we’re trying to set the standard for youth football through flag football. Why not be able to do that for every other sport as well?” Brees already carved out a niche with his coed youth flag football league, Football ‘N’ America, which he launched in Carmel Valley in the spring of 2018. The league will expand to La Jolla this fall. It appears to be just the beginning. “It’s just getting more and more kids involved in sports,” Brees said. And not just one sport, but many. You might be surprised to learn the sport Brees credits for his own success. “I attribute my success as a football player in large part to playing tennis when I was a kid. I also attributed that to my ability as a baseball player. I was a switcher in baseball and I never knew why. Well, in tennis, you’re required to hit forehand, backhand, right?” It’s been 13 years since Brees donned a Chargers jersey in San Diego, but this latest venture proves he’s never really left. And despite playing for the Saints in New Orleans, he says his future is here. “San Diego will be home when I’m done playing and our kids will go to school here, they’ll grow up here,” Brees said. When exactly that is, he won’t say. But that’s not all he has trouble saying. “I can’t say ‘L.A. Chargers,'” Brees said. “It just doesn’t sound right, it doesn’t feel right. I don’t think it feels right for anybody here. I still feel like somehow, some way, they might end up back here. I don’t know how that happens but don’t count it out.” Or him this season, despite a crushing end to last year in a controversial call. But whenever he does decide to stop playing professionally, he’ll be back on the field where he started — with youth sports, passing on the life lessons he holds so dear. “This partnership with Surf is going to be a huge part of my next chapter,” Brees said. Surf Sports Park is located at the old polo fields on El Camino Real in Del Mar. FOX 5 also talked to Brees about what it was like behind the scenes at the 2019 ESPY Awards and his reaction to winning a recent lawsuit against a La Jolla jeweler.