SAN DIEGO — Officials tied to the new Major League Soccer Team that is coming to San Diego are now turning to the public for help. They want fans to help create the team identity.

Fans poured into Kilowatt Brewery, just off Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, Tuesday for their chance to shape what they want the new Major League Soccer in San Diego to look like.

“It’s exciting,” fan Morgan Teder said. “It will be fun.”

The owners are asking San Diego fans to help decide the team’s name, colors and values.

“I want it to feel like San Diego,” fan David Chamberlain said. “I’m not sure what that is yet but something to do with the beach, and the water, and the sky. I think the values we have is to support the team and to support the community.”

The new MLS team still doesn’t even have players or a coach, but the owners want this team to be built around the San Diego community.

“The team needs to represent the city which is a very welcoming city,” fan Quinn Hovey said. “A very warm city. We are very close to the Mexican border so I think we should represent kind of both countries in a way, sign some Hispanic players. Kind of show that we are the North American team that way.”

The team will play at Snapdragon Stadium in Mission Valley.

The official team name, crest and colors will be announced during the buildup to the team’s inaugural season starting in 2025.

“The vision, the purpose of the club, as part of the San Diego community,” San Diego MLS Vice President of Brand Community Sebastian Morúa. “So we’re at, this is day one. It’s a blank canvas. We’re here to gather as much feedback as we can.”

The owners expect to announce the official team brand in August. Fans can reserve their place on the list for season tickets for $18.