‘Zoomers to Boomers’ delivers groceries to older residents during pandemic

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SAN DIEGO — A group of local high school students have taken the initiative to help their community by grocery shopping for those who cannot.

La Jolla High School water polo player Max Stone heads the local chapter of “Zoomers to Boomers” — a nonprofit that bridges the age gap one check-out at a time.

Before the pandemic hit, Stone rarely did the grocery shopping, but as of one month ago, the 15-year-old has become a weekly shopper.

“I love being able to help those in need and I’ve always had the mentality of, ‘If no one else is going to do it, then why not me,'” Stone told FOX 5.

In mid-April, the sophomore launched the San Diego chapter of Zoomers to Boomers — the online nonprofit organization that puts Generation Z neighbors into action by delivering groceries to senior citizens and those considered at high risk if leaving their homes.

“There’s a little order button where they fill out their form, which pretty much consists of their information, where they live, so we can deliver the groceries, how they’d like us to contact them, and their grocery list and how they pay,” Stone explained.

“It’s so simple,” Robyn Perlin, a user, said. “Some of them are very difficult to use but Zoomers to Boomers, you just put in your list of what you want and the next day they call.”

From there, one of the 34 San Diego-based volunteers hits the store to check off the list.
Deliveries are available six days a week, limited to one order per week, per customer and 12 items max.

“I find it very personal,” Perlin said. “He calls when he’s there and will work with you on what you need and he’ll only buy different brands if you ‘OK’ it.”

Any tips go directly to health care efforts in the fight against Covid-19.

“The customers love it,” Stone said. “They love what we’re doing and we’re super happy to help them.”

“We know that we can put in an order, they’re reliable, they’re going to come within a day or two and we’ll have what we need,” Perlin said.

For more information on Zoomer to Boomers, click here.

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