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SAN DIEGO – Kaillie Humphries is one of the most accomplished bobsledders in the history of the sport.

Already a two-time Olympic gold medalist, the Carlsbad resident’s crowning achievement arguably could be in spearheading gender equality in the sport she loves.

“I fought for years — this started back in 2014,” Humphries said. “I reached out to our international federation and said that it wasn’t fair that women only had one event while the guys had two

“Why do guys get two medals, why do they push their skill and challenge themselves and have more participation?”

Humphries was one of the main voices calling for mono bobsledding to be recognized on the Olympic level for female athletes. Previously, women only had one sled event while men had two. 

“So to fight for a second event, to show that we wanted a challenge, both physically and mentally” she said.

The five-time world champion now is coming off a monobob title run, the first in history for a woman in the sport. Women’s monobob also will make its Olympic debut in the 2022 Beijing Olympics with Humphries slated as favorite to win gold for Team USA. 

“I want to make sure long after I’m gone that the sport is in a better place,” she said.