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SAN DIEGO — Launching across the San Diego Harbor is just the tip of the iceberg for action sports legend Robbie Maddison.

“I have the world record for the longest jump on a motorcycle, the longest trick, I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff,” Maddison said. “I’ve doubled James Bond in Skyfall, doubled Vin Diesel and Tom Hardy in some amazing opportunities.”

Every spring, Maddison shifts his focus from epic stunts to supporting the Wings for Life Foundation, a spinal cord research nonprofit with the single mission to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

“It’s a noble thing,” Maddison said. “You never know when life is going to deal you a heavy hand, and none of us are immune to spinal cord injuries so I support it with open arms.”

After losing one of his best friends to a life-altering C-2 spinal cord injury, Maddison’s main goal in retirement is raising more awareness and helping to one day find a cure.

“It’s cool to do the stunts I do because it obviously gives people a smile, but there’s nothing like the smile that you get from somebody that’s been in a wheelchair and to give them a taste of freedom,” he said. “Where they actually forget that they have a disability for a moment in time. So to be able to do that is some of the most rewarding work I’ve done.”

This year’s Wings for Life World Run is taking place on May 9. If you’d like to be participate or donate, visit