SAN DIEGO – J.J. and Alek Sanchez are twin basketball players at Montgomery High School.

The sophomores have been racking up wins with their team, all while bringing their community together with the sport they love.

The twins Alek and J.J Sanchez are double trouble for any opponent they face, but they started their basketball journey competing against each other.

“It was intense,” J.J. Sanchez said to FOX 5. “It would go back and forth. It would be good games, it wouldn’t end. We wouldn’t end until night time.”

“It’s crazy like it would be back and forth,” said Alek Sanchez. “It was like overtime. It would be crazy.”

They say, though, that the chemistry they built playing as kids comes in handy during their games with Montgomery High.

“You know everything about him,” Alek said of his relationship with his brother as a teammate. “You know where like his spots are at or when to pass or when you can shoot.”

“It’s awesome,” J.J. continued. “It’s like having two of yourself playing on the court at the same time.”

Current Head Coach Martin Edward graduated from Montgomery High in 1996. As head coach, he’s proud that his team’s success this season has changed the culture around the school’s basketball program — even bringing several alumni and former players back to campus.

“Seeing a lot of those faces and them enjoying (the games), I think is hugely satisfying,” Edward said to FOX 5. “They’ll come up to me after the game and say: ‘Hey coach, I love they way these guys play… they play the right way… it’s unselfish basketball.’ It’s a fun time.”

The Sanchez brothers say they’re proud of the impact they’ve made on the court, but they’re more proud of the impact they’ve made in making basketball about their community.

“Shoutout to everyone who come to our games,” Alek said. “The student section is lit always.”

Coach Edward says the future is bright for not just his team but for high school basketball in the South Bay as a whole.

“We’re basically at the point where we have multiple teams that are out there competing against top 10 competition consistently,” Edward said. “We have a bunch of sophomores (and) we feel like we’re going to be one of those top teams for a long time to come.”