SAN DIEGO – Laurel Gonzalez is the youngest of three sisters, all of which had storied lacrosse careers for the Torrey Pines High School Falcons.

But as Lo-GO would tell ya, none can ball like her.

“Oh me, 100 percent. I’m just the best. They’d beg to differ, but they know I’ve got them in the sports category,” said Gonzalez

The juniors success lies in her style.

“I love it just because it’s unlike any other sport. There’s so much creativity in the game. I mean, from offense to defense,” said Gonzalez.

She’s leading the Torrey Pines Falcons in scoring this season with nine goals and counting.

“I think what makes me different is I like to watch others and observe how other people are playing and kind of change my game to fit that,” said Gonzalez.

“I think she’s one of the best in California,” said her coach, Kaitlin Doucette. “I mean, the recruitment speaks for itself. You are who you’re recruited by and John Hopkins is a top 10 program.”

The 16-year-old made the varsity high school team as a freshman. A year later, she earned All-CIF honors and committed to Johns Hopkins University.

“I feel a lot of pressure. I think a lot of it is what I put on myself. I still get stressed, I still get nervous. I’ve got something to prove to myself mainly,” said Gonzalez.

As good as she is at lacrosse, her coach says there’s another sport she can play on the college level.

“You can spot a soccer player on the lacrosse field because of their basic movements. They’re footwork is typically strong, like break away speed and that kind of stuff,” said Doucette.

But well before she moves away, her current goal is bringing Torrey Pines their first title since 2018.

“The people we have across the team, freshman to seniors, we have all the pieces to win a CIF championship. I think it will just come down to execution,” said Gonzalez.