TORREY PINES, Calif. — Torrey Pines High School senior Laura Rucks is a standout on the basketball court.

Despite her success in hoops, she’s even better on the water as she’s a nationally-ranked water skier.

Basketball or water skiing? A question Laura Rucks wrestles with on a daily basis.

“It’s such a hard question, because when I’m on the court, I’d say basketball every day. I’m with my team, I love it here,” Rucks said.

But then there’s, water skiing.

“When I’m in the water, I don’t know how I could ever leave it,” Rucks said.

After playing four years on varsity and earning defensive player of the year as junior, the captain wants more success for her team. 

“I feel like I’ve done a good job as a captain connecting us. Now I think we have to use that bonding and be effective on the court,” Rucks said.

In water skiing, Rucks is ranked top 25 in the country for three different events.

On the college level, water skiing is technically a club sport. That hasn’t stopped programs from reaching out.

“Clemson water skiing invited me for a recruitment weekend. Wisconsin, Michigan I spoke to a little bit,“ Rucks said.

She says she is thankful that a sport she started as a child has catapulted her to the national stage.

“I was always competing with my siblings and to see that I can stand against the toughest competition nation, it was really rewarding, it made me push even hard,” Rucks said.

Rucks is taking her love for sports to the next level, coaching younger kids in basketball and water skiing. 

“You forget when you’re out here competing, how important those little moments are, that passion has really helped me as a person. Really blessed with the opportunity to do it,” Rucks said.

Rucks says both sports will always be a part of her life.

“I see myself doing skiing longer, but basketball will always have a space in my heart,” Rucks said.