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SAN DIEGO – 29-year-old San Diego native Michael Miraglia has successfully completed the world’s first Strongman Marathon.

29-year-old San Diego native Michael Miraglia recently completed the world’s first Strongman Marathon.

A brand new endurance event of Miraglia’s own design, the Strongman Marathon is made up of 26 movements, each of which is performed for one full mile. That means a mile of burpees, a mile of tire flips and a mile of sled pulls, among many others.

“The Strongman Marathon is something that no one has ever achieved or even thought of doing,” Miraglia said. “I just wanted to try something that was so out-of-the-box outrageous that as soon as someone hears about it they’re sure it can’t be done.”

His attempt took place at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and was sponsored by New York-based men’s activewear brand Ten Thousand for its Feats of Strength series. The first-of-its-kind editorial series features a different athlete attempting a new record-breaking feat for every month of 2021.

Keith Nowak, co-founder of Ten Thousand, said the series’ purpose is to document athletes “as they create and conquer some of the most intense fitness challenges ever attempted.”

“And Michael is setting a very, very high bar with this first feat,” Nowak said. “A mile-long handstand walk or mile-long 200-pound sled push would be incredible accomplishments all on their own. That they’re just two out of 26 movements done consecutively is all the more awe-inspiring.

“No one has ever tried anything like this before. But Michael believed he could do it, and he has.”

Miraglia completed the Strongman Marathon with a time of 9 hours, 18 minutes and 33 seconds.

“This is my creative outlet,” Miraglia said. “I’m not a painter. I’m not an artist. This is how I express myself. I hope I inspire people, even if they just want to try one mile. If it inspires anyone to do anything at all, that’s a win for me.”