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SAN DIEGO – Jack Greener was three weeks away from receiving his diploma from San Diego State University and starting the next chapter of his life.

But while attending a Jiu-Jitsu class in November 2018, his life changed forever.

“It was a bad takedown where he dumped me on my head,” Greener said, “and on my way down I heard a crack.”

Greener would fracture his C4 and C5 vertebrae — in addition to suffering multiple strokes — and the Scripps Ranch High School alumnus soon found himself fighting for his life in the ICU. He was diagnosed as an ambulatory incomplete quadriplegic — but he would survive.

“I had it in my head, from the moment I hit the mat, that I was going to be OK,” he said, “but nobody else knew or had any idea.”

Upon entering inpatient rehab, Greener set out to walk across the stage at his college graduation, a goal which he has since accomplished. Now he’s set his sights on an even larger summit.

Greener wants to climb Mount Whitney. He’s getting some help from San Diego-based accessories brand Vincero, which recently presented him a $5,000 grant in its Chase Your Legacy Challenge. To get it, Greener submitted this video in a contest put on by the company to help customers achieve their dreams.

In total, Vincero received more than 150 submissions for the Chase Your Legacy Challenge.

“I like to say spinal cord injuries are 90% luck, but a lot of it just comes down to grit” Greener said.

With the help of the brand, Greener says he’s on his way to completing the improbable in scaling Mount Whitney. He expects to attempt the climb in March 2021.

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