Scripps Ranch twins earn unique sports honor

Neighborhood All-Stars
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SAN DIEGO — Megan and Ryan Connors are as inseparable as they are similar to one another. The Scripps Ranch twins both excel in the classroom and have become among the best at their respective sports.

“It’s definitely a different dynamic having someone in all my same classes, in my same friend group and we sit next to each other in half our classes,” said Megan.

“You’re going to have your little sibling rivalries but we’ve had a great relationship our whole life,” said Ryan.

The paternal twins have a healthy competition inside and outside of the classroom. Megan earned national recognition in January when she was named the Senior Athlete of the Year by the National High School Coaches Association, becoming the first player west of the Mississippi to win the award since 2000.

“California isn’t really historically deemed a strong field hockey state and that was pretty awesome just to represent the entire state,” said Megan.

In April, she represented her country on the United States U19 national field hockey team in Germany.

“It makes me think I have to step up my game,” said Ryan. “But it’s very cool and really inspiring to know that everything she’s done has paid off.”

A two-year captain and four-year letterman in cross country and track and field, Ryan won the individual Western League title in cross country this season, a sport he also shares with his sister.

Their individual athletic accomplishments didn’t go unnoticed by their peers, who voted them both Scripps Ranch High School’s athletes of the year.

“You know going to the same meets and kind of doing it all alongside of him and to be recognized by all of our peers at school to vote us that, that was just really cool,” said Megan.

With a 4.41 GPA, Megan plans to attend Cal Berkeley while Ryan heads east to the U.S. Naval Academy, marking the first time in their life the two go their separate ways.

“We’re both going on such cool paths that we’re so excited for each other,” said Megan. “But it’s definitely going to be weird showing up to class the first day and he’s not there.”

“We haven’t had a year where we haven’t had a class together since the second grade, which is just how the classes have fallen,” said Ryan. “So it’ll be very different but we’re looking forward to the future and what it has entail for us.”

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