San Diego runner completes 2,021-mile resolution in time for new year

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SAN DIEGO – For most people, a New Year’s resolution might be as simple as cutting down on sugar. Not San Diego resident Sean Curry. He had something a little loftier in mind.

Entering 2021, Curry set out to run 2,021 miles before the end of the year. Four pairs of shoes, hundreds of hours and more than 200,000 burned calories later, he crossed that mark Friday in a triumph he hopes will inspire others to hit the trails.

“It is very rewarding,” he said. “So just get out there. That’s what I would say ‘cause it’s just a lot of fun and that’s how I’ve looked at it.”

Curry’s friend accomplished the feat back in 2018. With the pandemic opening up more free time, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to give it a try, running mostly through San Diego and traveling as far as Key West, Florida and Hawaii to do it.

“It was a way to get away, clear my head,” he said, “and I figured, this is a great time.”

It’s a task that takes great discipline and may seem challenging for some. But for Curry – already an avid runner – it was more about having fun. Averaging an estimated six miles a day, each trek gives him the chance to clear his head and relearn patience.

Aside from his mental growth, the 55-year-old admits his body has changed a lot, too. The 6-foot-2 runner started at 195 pounds and got down to as low as 162 pounds, which he said was “way too skinny.”

“I’m still too skinny but I was doing like weight gain stuff [and] that wasn’t working,” he said. “So finally, I’m just like, whatever. What is starting to help is running the same trail over and over and your body gets used to it, so I’m starting to gain a little bit more.”

After crossing the milestone mark Friday, Curry said he intends to take a “break” from the challenge and do more half marathons in the coming year.

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