SAN DIEGO – It was a lucky day for one local San Diego Loyal SC fan in need of a new prosthetic leg.

“Oh my God,” said Beckett Black. Those seem like the right words to use when your favorite soccer team surprises you with a new prosthetic leg.

The 11-year-old football and baseball player knew he was in for a surprise from the team, but did not know just what to expect.

“I did not know what to say or anything, I was —I was just shocked and speechless,” says Black.

Beckett was born without a fibula in his right leg. His parents had to make a difficult decision: have him endure surgeries off and on for years or have his leg amputated. They chose the latter.

10 years later and just three days before his eleventh birthday, Beckett got a new leg — one designed for running and more mobility — perfect for his active lifestyle.

“It means a lot, like I get to be a little better at the sports that I play with this,” said Beckett.

Getting the prosthetic was possible by the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Beckett has been a member since he was five.

Now he can truly play the sports he loves without limits.