SAN DIEGO — The Padres City Connect uniforms debuted back in July, quickly becoming the fastest selling from the organization this year.

One local designer is taking that a step further, creating his own spin on the threads and catching the attention of players like Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove.

“It’s a dream come true because I never asked for it, I was just hoping Joe would wear it but for him to pass it out and for them to actually give that feedback by wearing it, it was a big deal,” said Sean Andres, the founder of Freestyle Cut & Stitch.  

“For me, it’s like living across the street from the Padres, it’s kind of like a dream,” Sean Andres said.

A North County native and Mt. Carmel High School alum, Andres started his side business, making basketball style jerseys for Charger fans when they were still in town, later pivoting to the Padres.

“It aligned with the stars because of what’s going on with the Padres,” Andres said. “We have a strong Polynesian community that took those jerseys and took it to another level and put their art print on it. That just blew everyone’s mind because that opened my mind from a business perspective on using that as a medium and put different artists as we continue to grow.”

Jerseys run around $85 and to customize your own, visit their Instagram @Freestylecutandstitch or website.