SAN DIEGO — Three months ago, a motorcycle crash took Francesca Petrolo’s left leg. The former fighter is now fighting her way back to a normal life.

“She cut me off on my left leg. I literally felt the car hit my leg,” said Petrolo while recounting the events of that life-changing day.

“Being in the hospital for 10 days, I couldn’t walk for two months. I lost most of my muscles and strength,” Petrolo continued.

Now, she’s back with a new leg and a new sense of independence.

“Oh, I feel amazing,” said Petrolo. “I can cook. I can go around with my dog. I can walk easier.”

While adjusting to walking with a cane, the 36-year-old personal trainer says she’s thankful to no longer walk in fear.

“Before, with the crutches, I fell a couple times. It was really painful because I have no balance,” she explained. “Now with the leg, I’m more stable and it’s easier to balance.”

The Mission Bay resident credits her kickboxing background for how fast she was able to receive her prosthetic. 

“The ability to recover that fast — for me, because I’ve been athlete my entire life,” said Petrolo. “My mental and physical strength is pretty powerful. The difference between asking for help from parents and friends every da, — it makes me feel more motivated, happy and strong.”

She’s motivated to get back to personal training, but for the next six month she says she will be training herself. She plans to work out every day, so she can get back to helping others.”

“If I can help somebody else, if I can give hope and inspire people, to motivate people; it inspires me as well. And I can live a happy life,” said Petrolo.