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SAN DIEGO — A longtime Los Angeles Chargers fan is looking to fulfill his journey of visiting all 32 NFL stadiums.

“I want to see my team play in every stadium in the NFL, just to say I did it,” said Ryan Russell, a fan who has lived through the ups and downs of his team since 1992.

It wasn’t until 2015 that the season ticket holder started traveling along with them to more stadiums. A year ago, the 42-year-old realized he’d traveled to so many, he decided to make it a goal to visit every NFL stadium. 

“I’m like I’m close, so I might as well go for it and just do it,” Russell said.

To date, the iconic Lambeau Field is Russell’s favorite stadium he’s visited.

“I hope the Chargers return to Green Bay in 2023, so I’m definitely planning on going back,” he said. “I’ll wear shorts, I don’t care. If it’s 30 degrees, I’ll be wearing these. Weather doesn’t bother me at all.”

With eight stadiums left on his list, Russell’s trips aren’t cheap. He takes on side gigs, on top of his fulltime job, delivering milk to schools.

“I do stuff on the side, like Door Dash,” Russell said.

While the journey may seem crazy to some, it appears to be something that helps him stay sane.

“Football has always brought passion to my life,” Russell explained. “It’s just been the fans, the environment, the atmosphere.”

Russell hopes to complete his NFL stadium tour in the next four or five years. Left on his last are Houston, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Levi’s Stadium, Detroit, New England, Carolina and Atlanta.