SAN DIEGO — Stefini Ma’ake is never satisfied. This season, 126 strikeouts isn’t good enough for the softball pitcher at Academy of Our Lady of Peace.

“150 and then 200. I’m crazy like that,” Ma’ake said to FOX 5. “The player that I am, I can’t just settle for what I had.”

When the pressure is too much on the field, the All CIF pitcher looks toward the stands and locks eyes with her aunt. 

“(She’s) like a second mom,” Ma’ake said. “We do have the same first name. I was named after her. When I get anxious I just look out at her and we just do this little thing and lock in.”

Despite the junior’s success on the mound, she’s good at hitting too, batting .453 with 13 homeruns last season.

“I am different. I am unique, I am a pitcher who hits. You don’t see that a lot in players, because you can’t teach,” Ma’ake said of her skillset.

Another thing that can’t be taught is natural leadership: Ma’ake, who is the captain of her softball team, uses lessons learned on the field to encourage her classmates.

“Like during pep rally days, I’ll be on the mic, because I am the junior class president. So I have to help others. That’s what brings me happiness and joy,” she said.

The University of Oregon commit says her family was the biggest factor is her college decision.

“Oregon plays in San Diego four times a year. They can just go right there,” Ma’ake said. “I live by SDSU. (When) we play them, (it’s a) four minute walk. Just making sure (that) my family can see me more in college and knowing that I’m not going to leave them.”