Mother-daughter team closes in on goal of climbing 100 peaks in a year

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SAN DIEGO — A mother and daughter climbing team is sharing how their lofty goal of hiking 100 peaks in under a year has brought them closer.

Christa Asaro and her daughter Ava started their adventure on Jan. 1.

“You’re just walking, there’s no rush. Everything on your to-do list, you don’t have to do it. The whole point is just getting to the top of the mountain,” Christa Asaro said. “All the stress of the day, all the worry, anxiety, everything going on in your life just falls away.”

When the pair heard about the “San Diego 100 Peaks Challenge” from Christa’s aunt, they weren’t sure if it was for them but they tried it anyway.

“We kind of jumped into it and started the first couple hikes before we were sure we were going to commit to the challenge. And then once we were in it, we couldn’t turn back,” Ava said. “We got like 20 hikes in the first month and then we were just loving it and decided to keep going with it.”

Hiking 100 peaks may seem difficult to some, and the mother and daughter duo said they had their hard days working toward it.

“Just the driving to get there and then I dropped my keys one time at the top of a peak and they landed under rocks, where it was dark,” Christa said. “We saw wild dogs before, just lots of situations where it was like ‘Take a deep breath.’ So every hike that we finish, I really feel like ‘I survived!’”

The pandemic gave them a unique opportunity to get outside, and friends joined them for some of the hikes. Both Asaros say the time together bonding as mother and daughter will stick with them forever.

“I already thought the world of her and this just kind of amplified it all,” Christa said. “She actually kept me going through all this. She said, ‘No, we have to finish!’”

Their longest hike so far has been 23 miles, which took them more than 11 hours to complete. With 2022 quickly approaching, Christa and Ava are set to reach their 100th hike in early December.

“It’s just been really fun ‘cause some of the drives are so long, so we’re talking the whole time and it’s been really cool to connect outside,” Ava said.

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