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SAN DIEGO — Tony Finn is a San Diego legend. Outside of being one of the founding fathers of wakeboarding, Tony is also spearheading Run Rock Vote and Bike for Humanity.

“We’re helping the California victims of wildfire and the victims of Oregon,” Finn told FOX 5. “We’re donating 100% of the net proceeds that we make for this Bike for Humanity ride.

Already reaching more than 3,500 people and raising $175,000 in wildfire relief, Finn believes they can do more.

“There’s tons of devastation in Northern California and Oregon, and it’s not like you can give them a bag of clothes. It’s long-term help and assistance that they need, so that’s what we’re providing,” Finn said.

For Tony, the philanthropy doesn’t stop there — he is also spearheading Run Rock Vote, a virtual 5K that encourages everyone to cast their ballot and make voting fun.

“The concept is just to enjoy life, have fun and vote,” Finn said. “You gotta vote — it’s so stupid not to vote. Through the history of human existence, hardly anybody has been encouraged to vote and their vote actually means something. So don’t be a loser, be a champion and vote.”

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