EL CAJON, Calif. – Cerebral palsy is the most common motor disability in adolescents, according to the CDC

The disorder affects a person’s ability to move, maintain balance, and reflexes, giving Granite Hills High School freshman Kelly Lecker every reason to not play sports. But for Lecker, those reasons weren’t enough.

The high schooler decided to swim upstream and has never looked back.

“The doctors said I wouldn’t be able to walk, talk or see,” she said. “It just shows how strong I am and what the power of God can do.”

What may just be fourth-period swim class to some is everything to Lecker.

“When that bell rings, I go to my locker, get my swim stuff, change, and when it’s a really hot day, I cant wait to get into the nice cool pool,” she said.

The 15-year-old from Alpine made more than waves in the pool her freshman year. Lecker landed a spot on the JV swimming and dive team, even racing the 50-meter freestyle.

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