Local sisters start nonprofit to help underprivileged kids play tennis

Neighborhood All-Stars

SAN DIEGO – Tennis has brought Amani and Ayanna Shah joy as far back as they can remember, so the duo had an idea: why not try to grow the sport?

“The goal is to help as many kids as possible play tennis,” said Amani Shah, a high school junior and co-founder of a nonprofit organization called Second Serve.

Along with sister Ayanna, they launched the nonprofit which collects and distributes tennis equipment for the underprivileged.

“Tennis has been a huge part of our lives and so we wanted to give that back to as many kids as we could,” Amani said. “Not everybody gets the opportunity to play so we wanted to help facilitate that.”

Now more than 20 kids — ranging from ages 12-17 — make up the leadership group spearheading donations at Second Serve.

“At first, we started by asking our friends,” Ayanna Shah said, “and as the word spread more people came, they heard about Second Serve and they wanted to help.”

Second Serve doesn’t just reside in the United States. Their outreach has grown to five different countries including Mexico, India and Uganda.

“I think it’s really fun, a couple of months ago we sent a shipment out to Uganda with a couple of our old rackets, and to see the pictures of the kids, with our rackets, is just really nice to see the impact,” Ayanna said.

With more than 6,000 items already donated, if you have any old tennis equipment lying around Second Serve is asking for your help.

Visit secondserve.club to find out how to get involved and make an immediate impact.

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