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SAN DIEGO – Five days, two hours, and 47 minutes: that’s how long it took Team BEMER, a local cycling group, to bike across America.

An impressive feat alone, the group of San Diego-based cyclists later found out they broke a record.

“I was relieved because we had every intention to break the record when we put this team together,” says Randall Coxworth, a Team BEMER member.

The average age for a member on the eight-man cyclist team is right around 46, which comes with its ups and downs. While they may be slightly older, they also have faced their fair share of obstacles in life and have learned about the power of persistence.

“The shift is 12 hours, you’re riding 15 minutes every hour for 12 hours,” says Coxworth.

When they’re not on the road, the other cyclists rest and recover in motorhomes.

Despite most of the team being from Southern California, the group does have members from across the states.

The Race Across America has been going for 35 years, spanning more than 3000 miles and 12 states.

The riders have to deal with getting rerouted by extreme weather and road conditions.

Coxworth is encouraging more people to compete in RAAM, or at the very least, to start biking.

“You may not set a world record but you will enjoy it and enjoy the experience,” says Coxworth.

The team is in talks now regarding next year’s race.

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