SAN DIEGO — Martial arts training can be tough for anyone.

One San Diego coach is flipping that idea on its head, bringing together Olympians and Paralympians to teach children judo.

“So this is my life, judo,” said judo coach Herve Aka, also the organizer of Olympic and Paralympic week.

However, Aka says it wasn’t always that way. Growing up in France, the Mission Valley resident loved soccer until he was introduced to judo at 13.

“And I talked to my dad and my mom. I say finally I’m going to start judo because I know if I just try, it was fun,” Aka said.

The 48-year-old is now paying it forward, organizing the first-ever Olympic and Paralympic week at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center.

“Great, I’m okay. I had a lot of stress because to organize this type of event is not easy,” Aka said.

Aka says it is important for him to promote the inclusion of all people, no matter their physical abilities.

“Judo can be practiced standing up, on the ground. Our goal is to bring all the community together,” Aka said.

“This is a great opportunity to show kids of any background or in my case it was a disability, that if you have a dream, you know, there’s nothing stopping you,” Team USA Paralympian Robert Tanaka said.

Aka invited more than 100 kids from across the country to learn the sport he loves. He hopes to raise awareness in the U.S. to hopefully expand the sport for the next generation.

“One dojo in each school and create a large community, and show them the values and benefits of judo in school,” Aka said.