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SAN DIEGO — Jessica McRoskey is competitive, and not only when it comes to volleyball.

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace varsity volleyball captain has found success on another court as well — building and programming robots for the OLP Robotics Club.

“This past year we qualified for the regional championships,” said McRoskey. “This year we just qualified again so we are really excited about that. We have always done pretty well with it.”

Looking to major in material engineering, the high school junior joined the club last season as a way to challenge herself.

“It was a ton of trial and error. No one knew anything with programming or how to write the motors,” said McRoskey. “So I guess it’s been really great learning all these new things.”

As they learn about robots, they’ve also learned a thing or two about girl power.

“Competitions are mainly guys,” said McRoskey. “There are a couple girls in there as well. We obviously stand out as an all-girls team.”

McRoskey stands out to her teachers, too.

“She is really smart, really driven, really keeps things light-hearted also in the meetings, so they are always fun to be at,” said Tim Paluso, OLP Robotics Club teacher. “I don’t know how she does it, to be honest. Her volleyball alone, or OLP alone, is enough. But with robotics and the time we put in on the weekends and we put in after school, it’s crazy to think she can do all of it and keep a really high GPA.”

Maintaining a 4.2 GPA and busy schedule has clearly paid off for Jessica McRoskey. The outside hitter has already accepted a scholarship to play both indoor and beach volleyball at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. For now, she will focus on bringing home a CIF championship title for OLP, and maybe even a robotics championship as well.