SAN DIEGO — The sound of hard hits are a regular occurrence when Granite Hills High School football star Jordan Glaze is on the field.

The four-year starter and three-year captain is stepping out of his comfort zone as a leader for the Eagles.

“I’m usually a quiet leader. I lead by example. This year, especially senior year, I’ve really been working on trying to be more vocal,” said Glaze.

The safety’s words have made an impact.

The defending 2A state champions are 5-0 this season, allowing only 13 points in their past three match ups. This is a stat the 2022 defensive player of the year\ takes pride in.

“I love it because I’m a defense player, and it just shows how dominant we are. Thirteen points — in my mind it should be zero points,” said Glaze.

The safety’s dominance spreads off the field as he maintains a 4.1 GPA.

“I’ve always been told by my parents that school comes first and that if I get good grades — I get opportunities. That’s always been my goal — get good grades and do good on the field,” said Glaze.

He’s achieving those personal goals with flying colors, while helping others in the process.

“That’s a role model. We’ve got a really good freshman class coming in. We’re pointing at Jordan to lead the way, and show those guys what do on the field and off the field,” said Eagles head coach Kellan Cobbs.

As the senior helps underclassmen learn how to conduct themselves in the program, he looks toward his future as a football player.

“I’ve gotten one D2 offer and one D1 offer: Western Illinois. I’d like to stay on the West Coast…just anywhere where I feel that I can fit in and play, and that fits my defensive style,” said Glaze.