SAN DIEGO — The Battle Bus — it’s driven by U.S. Navy veteran Austen Alexander. The 30-year-old is sharing the mystery behind the machine.

The Chula Vista resident is in the business of fitness.

“People see this belligerent green bus., it’s a whole lot more than that,” said Alexander. “We’re taking the bus and using it as a channel to show people fitness.”

In 2022, the veteran started the Battle Bunker — 22-stage obstacle course at the Elite Training Center in Chula Vista.

Alexander now takes the show on the road. His team creates exercise-related content across social media platforms, generating millions of views.

“Seen it on Instagram, Tik Tok,” said Victor Williams. “I’m like man, I really want to try that because I take fitness serious, so to be able to do it today was a blessing really.”

While encouraging people to get out and get active, Alexander travels with a pull-up bar and he even dangles cash as an incentive for the work out.

“Oh man, money is always a great incentive as well,” said Williams.

Alexander partners with San Diego military bases and local gyms to bring the work out to them.

“They sometimes will come up to me and be like, ‘hey where’s that bunker and the bus , I’ve got so more pull ups in me.’ They talk about it all the time,” said Brandon Sokol, general manger at Eastlake L.A. Fitness.

For the veteran, he does all this work because his true passion is promoting mental health through exercise.

“Growing this competition series is the next big thing on our radar. I think it would be great for San Diego. I think it will be great for Chula Vista. That’s my number one mission,” said Alexander.